Nov 02, 2022
Electro-forming capable ReRAM characterisation chip

This chip presents a 16x16 high voltage memristor characterisation array employing high voltage CMOS circuitry. The proposed system has a maximum programming range of 22V to allow on-chip electroforming and I-V sweep. In addition, a Kelvin voltage sensing system is implemented to improve the readout accuracy for low resistance measurements. This work addresses the limitation of conventional CMOS-memristor platforms which can only operate at low voltages, thus limiting the characterisation range and integration options of memristor technologies.


  • Shen, A. Mifsud, L. Xie, A. Alshaya, and C. Papavassiliou, ‘A High-Voltage Characterisation Platform For Emerging Resistive Switching Technologies’. arXiv, May 17, 2022. doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2205.08391.